Charity Firewalk

Would you like to host a charity firewalk?

Charity firewalks are quickly growing as the new and exciting challenge event to enable people to raise funds to support their favourite good cause.

With a history of third sector work, and as trustee of a charity, I personally understand what it’s like to have a passion for making a difference, and want to ensure that my skills are used to enable charities to raise some serious funds whilst providing a truly unique experience for their supporters – Lottie

Raise £10,000+ with your charity firewalk

Please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss how we can work alongside you to enable you to raise in excess of £10,000 from an event, whilst growing your supporter base and building new and exciting ambassador relationships.

Full Support of your event

As well as pulling together a truly amazing experience for your fundraisers we will support your marketing for the event, both via our social media, and with a dedicated page on our website.

Upcoming charity events

We are currently pleased to be working with Annabel’s Angels in Derby on 17th October, and Giving Africa for their event near Watford on Saturday 7th November.

Please ensure you book your place so as not to miss out.